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It is very expensive to ship fully assembled machinery roll on roll off (Ro-Ro) to many ports. Also to some ports the sailing frequency for Ro-Ro is very infrequent or does not exist. The cheapest and, sometimes, the easiest way to ship is in a container. This is even after the cost of disassembly and reassembly.



It may seem like magic, but we do this on daily basis. Most newer combines are manufactured in components, so removal and re-installation of an engine is fairly common place today. Basically, we remove the cab, hopper, clean/return, grain elevators, engine, wheels and final drives from the combine, then pack them into containers. It takes a 40-foot high cube container and a half for each combine.



Any good mechanic can reassemble the combine or machine. All they require are standard tools and a lift large enough to lift the components. The customer will receive full assembly instructions and photos. The disassembler has developed a very good system of marking wires, cable, and hoses. We do everything we can to make reassembly as easy as possible. Here are some examples :


Wheel Loader in 40' high cube container

imgFor small wheel loaders we remove the wheels, cab and slide, mount the chassis on skids and slide the machine into the container. On large loaders (950 and above), we remove the cab, wheels and axles, mount the chassis on skids and slide the machine in.Assembly is easy.

Excavator in a container

imgSmall excavators can be containerized but large ones (over 18 ton) can not. Contact for details.

Bulldozer in a Container

imgSmall dozers up to a low track D6 will fit in a container by removing the shoes. If the shoes are removed, it is recommend that they be re-installed with new track bolts. In some cases the cab must removed. Large dozer D7 and above can also be containerized but it's recommended that reassembly be done by a Cat dealer or a Cat service shop considering a special press is required to reinstall the final drives. It takes two containers to ship a disassembled D8.

Used Cars & Trucks

imgThese can easily be disassembled. We can ship 3 sedans easily in a container and two 4 ton trucks will easily fit in the container, rest can be filled with used auto parts like axels, nose cuts, engines etc.

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